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Introducing SMS_BAN

In order to be able to fully introduce the device to you, we must first know what SMS Ban is?
The SMS_BAN modem is one of the new products of the Manshoor simin Company, and in a simple definition, it is a device that is used to send and receive SMS through a SIM card.
The SMS_BAN modem is connected to a computer or laptop through the USB port and is connected to the programmer software through the Activix file (SMS_BAN.ocx) and sending and receiving SMS can be done with it.
128 SMS_BAN devices can be connected to one system.

Prevent copying of software

There is a battery inside the device that supplies the power required by the device, charging this battery is provided through the USB port, if the device is used to send bulk SMS, the battery must be charged through the device adapter. acceptIn order to use the SMS_BAN modem, there is no need to implement the AT_Command and PDU protocol to send and receive Persian SMS.

The USB class of this modem is Mass Storage (not Virtual Com).
Frequency band support: EGSM900/DCS1800 Dual Band or GSM850/1900 or Quad Band

Features of the SMS_BAN modem

Read and delete SMS from SIM card.
Connect to the USB port in the MassStorage class
Send and receive data through GPRS
Sending SMS as PDU and Text
Display SIM card signal strength status
Read, write device phonebook
making contact
The number of text messages sent is 8-12 per minute
Show battery charging status
Display the amount of battery charge of the device

A summary of SMS_BAN device applications

  • SMS to inform customers in companies, stores, offices, institutions, such as welcome announcements, festivals, discounts, product introductions, etc.
  • Notification SMS such as announcing grades to students or their parents in schools
  • Sending cultural SMS in institutions, organizations, offices, universities and schools
  • Receive suggestions and criticisms via SMS
  • Notifying marketers, agents, colleagues in companies via SMS
  • Send SMS greetings and congratulations for special occasions
  • SMS survey for SMS products
  • Warranty activation or product warranty inquiry
  • Mass SMS software
  • Receiving criticisms and suggestions and complaints from customers
Packing and preparing to send to customers
General testing and review by QC department
Assembly of parts on the device
Production of the body of the device


By purchasing SMS-BAN from Manshoor simin , you can benefit from a one-year warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.
85% reduction in returns
32% increase in color variety
Increasing the knowledge of experts by 95%
71% increase in strength against impact

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