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What is a GSM modem?

GSM (GSM) stands for Global System for Mobile Telecommunications and is defined as the standard of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute for second generation (G2) cellular networks.
This standard replaced the first generation telecommunication network (analog cellular networks) in order to update and improve data transmission speed.
GSM is two-way communication for phone calls.
GSM modem is a wireless electronic-communication device that works with the telecommunication network.
The GSM modem can be an external modem, usually connected to the computer with a serial or USB port. In the second case, the modem is prepared for PC, laptop or tablet.
Like a mobile phone, a GSM modem also needs a SIM card to connect to the wireless telecommunication

Prevent copying of software

The GSM Association claims that 80% of mobile phone subscribers use this standard. This amount means about 1.5 billion people in more than 212 countries. GSM is a cellular network where mobile phones connect to the nearest available cell. In the GSM network, there are several different sizes for cells, which are:
Macro cells are installed in places where the central antenna is on a tower or a building whose height is higher than the average height of other buildings.
Micro cells have a shorter height than the average height of buildings. Usually these cells are used in urban areas.
Pico cells, which are small cells, are used for short distances of several tens of meters
Femto cells are cells that are used in cellular areas or small office environments and are connected to the Internet through high-bandwidth connections.
Umbrella cells
Umbrella cells are also used to cover areas that have small cells and eliminate the gaps between them.

What is the purpose and applications of using GSM  modem?

  • Use in places where there is no landline
  • Sending and receiving promotional SMS.
  • Use as controller or monitoring in devices.
  • Use SIM card fax.
  • Using the device to send and receive data (GPRS)
  • Use in application software such as office automation, finance, restaurants, agencies, etc.
Production of device box
Assembly of hardware parts
General testing and review by QC department
Packing and preparing to send to the customer


By purchasing a GSM Modem from Manshoor simin, you can benefit from a one-year warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.
92% reduction in returns
22% increase in antenna diversity
Technological advancement 46%
Reduction of technical problems up to 82%

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