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Purchase and price of Manshoor e Simin landline caller ID

To buy Caller ID online, proceed through the Manshoor e simin store site ” Mskala.ir “.

To inquire about the price and purchase Caller ID by phone, please call the numbers on the ” Contact Us ” page.

It is better to know before buying what is Manshoor e simin ID color?

The Caller ID device  of Manish  Simin Company is a device that is connected to the phone lines and all the events that happen on the phone lines, such as the caller’s number. It displays the duration of picking up the phone, the number of rings, missed calls, etc. Simin’s ColorID is made with the latest technology, the device transmits the phone number and the status of the phone line or lines to the software for display through the USB port. The use of processor and industrial parts, beautiful engineering design with the ability to stack and install on the wall, light and small volume, high speed in sending and receiving data in the software are among the features of Simin’s ColorID. Standard and industrial SMD electronic components are used in this device so that while increasing the quality, the device can be presented in smaller and smaller dimensions.

What is Caller ID  and how does it work? View article 

2 sockets are used for each telephone line, one of the sockets is included as input and the other as output. Purchase and price of caller id device

Caller ID feature of Manshoor e simin

  • Made in three models 2, 4 and 8 channels and in two models HID and Mass Storage
  • Using the USB port in the Mass Storage class for the following reasons:
  • Much higher data transfer speed than HID, Com or Virtual Com.
  • No need to install the driver.
  • Can be used in operating systems:
  • Windows (all 32-bit and 64-bit versions).
  • USB 2.0 in both HID and Mass Storage protocols and not using Virtual Com due to sudden disconnection and connection and the need to install the driver for its initial setup.
  • Full compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.
  • Modular and without the need for a separate power source (powered by USB in all models).
  • Full support of international telecommunication standards (FSK, DTMF) simultaneously up to 8 lines.
  • Can be used in all countries of the world.
  • Up to 128 ColorID devices can be used simultaneously on one system.
  • Designed in three models, two, four and eight channels.
  • The ability to choose data output with different formats desired by programmers to be compatible with common software available in the market.
  • Accurately display the number and status of the call without losing information for each line separately and during calls of up to 8 lines at the same time.
  • Showing the disconnection and connection status of the telephone line or lines in the software and not using LED, which is not present in any of the ColorIDs available in the market.
  • Not using LED on the device is for the following reasons:
  • Lower price and more features than other devices.
  • Can be used single and under network.

Purchase and price of caller id device

Applications of the fixed phone caller ID device:

  1. The phone taxi or motor courier software displays the customer’s profile, address, subscription code, etc. as soon as the call is received.
  2. Display information and details of the caller, including name, phone, address and other items registered in the database
  3. The restaurant or store software also displays the customer’s profile, address, etc. to register the order when the customer calls through the phone number received from ColorID.
  4. If the USB port changes. There is no change in the program execution process. And like other devices, there is no need to change the port.
  5. Sending information on the network is done only by specifying the desired IPs in the system to which the device is connected.
  6. The disconnection or connection of the incoming telephone line can be detected by the device. But other devices in the market do not have this possibility.
  7. Dll of the device includes all protocols available in the market of Iran and abroad, and it can also be done if there is a new protocol.
  8. Save phone numbers of incoming calls offline.
  9. If the USB port is disconnected and connected for any reason, the device will be detected automatically.

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